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Stray Cat vs Cheekie Pet – How to spot a cat in genuine need of rescue help

At this time of year the number of reported ‘stray’ cats increases daily. Whether this is because there are genuinely more around or just that people are spending more time outdoors, I’m not entirely sure. Now, when I talk of … Continue reading

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How to make a difference – make your vote count

To jump ahead and vote Please click here: Simply LIKE the page and then click on Vote for a Charity. Choose Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue and click Submit. To know more about how your vote will help please read on: Sunny … Continue reading

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Its Just a Cat…. or is it?

its only a cat… 4 little words that can spark anger and upset into pet lovers. especially feline varieties, the world over.  So what is it about cats? Most of the time you will hear this phrase they are muttered … Continue reading

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Cat Rescue – heart break, sorrow and joy

People often ask us how we manage to continue in rescue when we see so many horrible cases of neglect and abuse not to mention the hundreds of cats simply thrown out through no fault of their own. They are … Continue reading

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