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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue launch the Cat Care Centre

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue launch the Cat Care Centre. Advertisements

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A Moral Dilemma

I haven’t updated this blog for a little while due in the main to running Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue & our family committments. Today however gave way to a Dilemma we all too often find ourselves in and I thought … Continue reading

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Do we really make a difference or are we just a cat dumping ground?

These last few months have been tough. We have seen a huge number of genuinely needy cats like Bruno, Floyd, Alice, Tyson, Benjamin and Reggie find their way to our door. We have given our all to save these little … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – why they are important

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading our blog has some level of knowledge about cats and their welfare. You ( we hope) take your pet to regular checks with your vet and treat them for fleas and other parasites.  But … Continue reading

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The Chimney Kittens – left to die a solitary death and saved by Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Late Thursday night Paul receives an email from a council worker to tell us that there are 2 kittens stuck in a boarded up property some 1.5 hrs drive from the Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue base. The property was boarded … Continue reading

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Frustration of rescue….

This has definitely been a week to try us. Thank gawd its Friday…. I think.:… There are SO many cats out there just now that need our help but we cannot physically save them all. We simply don’t have the … Continue reading

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A few words of thanks to Animal Friends Insurance and our Supporters

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue are so grateful for the votes that helped us secure the 5k award from Animal Friends Insurance in April.  You may have read of some of the ways we envisaged the monies helping and we thought … Continue reading

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Urban myths of babies and cats sharing a home. – Truth or fiction?

Over our years in rescue I can honestly say 1 of the most common reasons for relinquishment of a pet is the arrival of a new baby.  Sometimes the cat or dog is rehomed before the baby even arrives thereby … Continue reading

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Stray Cat vs Cheekie Pet – How to spot a cat in genuine need of rescue help

At this time of year the number of reported ‘stray’ cats increases daily. Whether this is because there are genuinely more around or just that people are spending more time outdoors, I’m not entirely sure. Now, when I talk of … Continue reading

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Help Sunny Harbour Kitties win £5K award in under 30secs

Help Sunny Harbour Kitties win £5K award in under 30secs

Hello fellow cat fans I know I’ve asked for your help before but I’m asking, well ok, begging for your help again for Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue in the vote to win £5K for our cat rescue this month. We need all the help we can get from the rescue / cat community to have a chance to win as the puppy dogs are shooting waaaaay in front. Could I possibly ask if you could vote for us and share with your friends? We would be ever so grateful and a win would help us secure the future of our cat rescue!

Thank you so much in advance for reading my message. The link to vote is here:

You have to Like the page and then click on vote for a charity and then choose Sunny Harbour and the submit button.
Thank you so so much xx

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