Do we really make a difference or are we just a cat dumping ground?

These last few months have been tough. We have seen a huge number of genuinely needy cats like Bruno, Floyd, Alice, Tyson, Benjamin and Reggie find their way to our door. We have given our all to save these little ones though some are no longer with us.

This is what Sunny Harbour formed to do. To help the most needy cats and kittens and we strive to do this as well as we can.

Despite these cases some successful, others not so much, there are still the calls for help from those wanting to rehome their own pets for a variety of reasons.  Those who are genuinely in need we can sympathise and help as best we can. But it really is difficult to know who is telling you the truth and who isn’t.

Those who say they emigrate next week but when quizzed stumble & stutter to come up with incoherent answers. Are you really?

Those who say their newly bought pet kitten makes them so ill they can’t keep it after just a few weeks. Nothing to do with the 40 cigarettes a day then?

Those who are moving in with their boyfriend or girlfriend who’s allergic. You mean you never thought about that possibility? So new boyfriend makes your cat disposable. Remember the cat you called your baby until he or she came along?

Yet all these urgent calls are as a result of situations people create. You control your life and the bringing of pets into it. So please take responsibility for once for those lives you chose to bring into your home.

Ah but what happens when the next person offers you a kitten? Or you split up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? That’s right, you take on another little furry life and just when will they become disposable too??

Think long and hard before you bring a pet into your life. They utterly depend on you to be selfless and to care for them.

Rescue is no place for any animal. There really shouldn’t be a need for rescues. After all in this day & age we should be educated enough to understand why neutering is essential to stop the thousands of overflow pets being killed every week.   Most of all we should be responsible enough to know whether or not we can provide a life long home for a pet. If you can’t then don’t get one in the first place. Save that animal the stress & heartache of being yet another number in the rescue chain.

We want to help as many kitties as possible but please don’t abuse our kindness and dedication to the cats.   Taking in your cats in an understanding way whilst you tell us how upset you are, only to see you replace them with a newer model just a few short weeks from now smarts.

Why? Well because as we were bending over backwards to help you & took in your little one we had to deny a quick intake for a stray at deaths door. So thank you I hope you’re happy and we just pray we can find a tiny bit of space to help.

The one good thing to come out of it is that your attitude towards your animals has driven us to keep going and to save as many as we can.  That’s why we are actively setting about establishing funding to purchase land and build our own purpose built facility so more cats can be saved from the horrors many should never have to face.

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2 Responses to Do we really make a difference or are we just a cat dumping ground?

  1. Carol Miller says:

    I’ve just found this site today after having a rummage through info on Sunny Harbour and this story has made me really angry knowing that you are SO right in saying people don’t care enough to see through the rearing and loving of the pets they chose to have. I don’t have any pets as husband isn’t an animal lover but I follow this site religiously. I thank God that Sunny Harbour is there and as I mentioned before in another post, I know you would do without to help our feline friends, we need more people in the world exCtly like you, bless x

  2. I think you do such a massive job to help those poor animals. You are dedicated to your cause and what you don’t get in rewards here on the earth plane, you will surely get in heaven xxx
    Lily XXX

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