Frustration of rescue….

This has definitely been a week to try us. Thank gawd its Friday…. I think.:…

There are SO many cats out there just now that need our help but we cannot physically save them all. We simply don’t have the resources to allow us to do so.

All of these cats were at 1 time someone’s cute kitten that were easy to rehome. Now they are older, tainted by the humans they have met along the way.

Sadly there just isn’t spaces sufficient to care for all those in need.

The cats that need help were once someone’s pride and joy but now their owner is no longer here to care. They have found themselves a cat now sick after months or years living rough. No shelter, no food, no love.

Why should we in rescue have to bear the stress and frustration, anxiety, worry and tears for cats that aren’t even ours?

Several times this week I have put my head in my hands and asked why?  Why do people get pets and not make a lifetime commitment to them? Why should we have to be your dumping ground for a pet you haven’t considered properly? Which you will replace in a few months with not a thought.

Adults, oldies and even babies under a year. Surely you considered the immediate future before getting that cute little kitten?


You beg us to help even bribe us to help even though the reality is we couldn’t squeeze another cat or kitten in. We have squeezed and squeezed til we can squeeze no more. When we say try again next week you shout and swear. That was helpful wasn’t it?

What would really help us all? Think before getting a pet. Seek knowledgeable advice, not from the lady at the checkout in Asda..
Treat your pet like a sentient being, a member of your family not an object to be tossed aside.

Most of all please please Neuter your darn pet. At least by doing so you help reduce the population of the future and may help the odds of tens of thousands of pets per 1 rescue space to perhaps a few hundred per space. ( well ok that is in my dreams)

Maybe just maybe if you took responsibility for the pet you chose to have we may actually have the time, resources and space to say yes, we can help you under genuine circumstances.

So can I ask the next time you call a rescue for help consider the following when you need your pet gone as you’re moving house;

Today we have picked up a cat killed in an RTA. We have taken in kittens callously dumped to ensure their death, we have watched a pregnant cat howl in pain from delivering her kittens, we have taken in a grieving old cat whose owner has died and to top it all off we have dealt with several abandoned cats with sores, lesions who are literally on their way to being the walking dead. They deserve so much more.

This was what we got involved in rescue to do. Not to be humans dumping ground for throwaway pets……

Been a rough week? Yes it has. Here’s hoping next week is better…. yeah right, who am I kidding!

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One Response to Frustration of rescue….

  1. Suzy Risner says:

    thank you for doing what you can. I will continue doing what I can also. Humans are stupid, the babies are not. Innocent bystanders, but maybe just maybe we will influence others in our actions. you are amazing, and thank you for all you do!! Keep trying, we never know when our help may surface!

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