A few words of thanks to Animal Friends Insurance and our Supporters

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue are so grateful for the votes that helped us secure the 5k award from Animal Friends Insurance in April.  You may have read of some of the ways we envisaged the monies helping and we thought we would let you know how your votes have been put to good use.

Those who may have read about Sunny Harbour will know that we openly share our home with the dozens of cats that need our care. One of our main rooms is converted into what we call the Cat Room.

Here we have had for many years 9 permanent pens and 3 temporary in the form of collapsing dog cages. We always said that we would hold off building a 4th set of pens as we didn’t have the finances spare, but with the vote monies we have been able to steam ahead and create better accommodation for all the residents in the cat room.  The cats who used to live in dog cages are now sharing the luxury of the permanent pens with better space distribution.

If you would like to see some of the cats enjoying their new pens then you can view a live recording here.

We have been able to erect desperately needed storage space and replace old broken equipment that was beyond its functional best.

We have taken in several cats over the last few weeks which have required extensive medical care and it has been a relief to know that, for a short while, we don’t have to worry about how we will meet the costs of their x-rays and extensive blood tests.

Floyd needed extensive blood tests, a special diet due to his emaciated state as well as dental work and long term pain medication for an injury to his hips.

All of us at Sunny Harbour would like to say a massive thank you to each and every person who voted, shared and helped us secure this critical funding. We could not continue in what we do without your support.

We will also now be able to refurbish the pens we first erected in 2008 which have become battle scarred and worn with the hundreds of residents that have graced their doors.

The cats have also had their environment greater enriched  with new toys and mini cat scratchers for their pens.

These are essential works we have been delaying for months, well probably years, due to lack of funding. So on behalf of us all, especially the cats we say a massive massive Thank you.

Our future goal is to continue to fundraise as best we can with the aim of funding our own charity store and advice centre. With the help of all your votes and winning the critical funding this has finally seemed more attainable.

Such a resource will deliver a regular funding source for Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue whilst assisting the public in identifying the help and resources available to enrich their cats lives.

Thank you so much everyone for your support and we hope you will follow our progress on Facebook and our website.

Please continue spreading the message about the Animal Friends vote and help other small charities in the UK make a difference.

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