Copper – a cat in grief

Copper or Koppa as she was formerly known is yet another of our arrivals this year that breaks your heart.

She had no physical injuries or abuse to speak of and the very minor issues she had are already resolving with good nutrition.

So why you may ask does she evoke such feeling. To put it simply, the look in her eyes.  She is lost, doesn’t understand what she has done to be here and is essentially grieving for the owners who placed her here.

Thankfully it is a situation we have seen so many times before and we are well versed at helping them. Far too many times cats who are fit and healthy but no longer have a place in the home find themselves here or other rescue centres.


So what is Copper’s story?

Apparently her owners are moving abroad and so she and her 2 younger housemates have found themselves homeless.  Why, I don’t really know as the latest pet passport schemes make travelling with pets far easier than many years ago. But then people often tell us half truths to “get a space”

Whatever the reason it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that for cats like Copper of which there are thousands every day, they need to endure this emotional roller coaster full of fear and depression.

This shouldn’t be the case. These cats deserve far better and before you consider taking on a pet will you think of them as a throwaway object or permanent part of your family? By taking on a pet you make a life long commitment to care for them to the best of your ability, keep them safe and free from pain and sickness.

If your answer is the latter we would love to hear from you.

If it is the former, try a virtual pet but please don’t subject your whims on a sentient, emotional loving animal like cats, rabbits & dogs.  Far too many of them have their lives shattered because of you causing huge emotional distress as you put your furniture, wallpaper or holidays first.

As for Copper, we will care for her, bring her on and find her a wonderful new loving home, hopefully one day soon, where she will live out the rest of her life happy & spoilt never again to feel as she does now.

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