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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue is based in Fife and supports a wide geographical area encompassing Fife, Edinburgh, and the Lothians.  We typically care for approximately 50 cats and kittens at any one time specializing in the most difficult or complex cases and are very proud of our 96% save rate, as a strictly no kill rescue.

The majority of cats or kittens that come to Sunny Harbour are suffering from some form of physical or emotional trauma. At Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue we pride ourselves on helping to heal these cats on the inside and outside.  We will fix their broken bodies, heal their wounds and  show them that they can trust in humans and live a happy, loved life. Great care is taken in the rehoming process to ensure that both adoptees and cats are suitably well matched for the best chance of success.

We have saved many cats from being unnecessarily euthanised because they have been suffering stress or emotional trauma subsequently manifesting itself as unwanted behaviours or illness meaning owners no longer wish to keep them. Cats like Ash, Maya, and Angel who are now living wonderful, happy lives in their new homes.

SunnyHarbour cat rescue also specialise in the hand rearing of infant kittens and strive to maintain our 99% save rate.  We have raised dozens of babies from just a few minutes old until they leave us at 13 – 15 weeks as happy, bouncy kittens. Many tell us our hand rear babies temperaments are 1 of a kind, very special.

In addition to the hands on work with our feline charges we are also here to help advise and guide owners in all aspects of cat care. Grooming to feeding, behaviours and nutrition.

We provide all new cat owners with detailed care packs providing all the basic educational materials to get them started and operate an advice service to support all cat owners.

An injection of £5000 would enable us to clear our ever increasing veterinary bill, put a small pot of emergency funds aside for cases like Bruno or Alice and place some funding towards projects we would like to see over the next few years.

A picture of baby Ali kitten

There are 3 key projects we would love to get off the ground, and it is our hope that by supporting us and the public voting for us in the Animal Friends Charity of the Month that we may be able to roll out 1 or more sooner than we could otherwise have hoped.

Please vote here:

1 – Animal Ambulance
A dedicated vehicle which will enable quick response to emergency calls and a means of transporting the cats to and from our vets in a more comfortable environment.   At the current time emergency equipment is stored if various locations and it can take some time to collect all equipment needed and respond.  A dedicated vehicle, fully equipped would mean we could respond far more quickly.

Our intention is to purchase a good quality used van and convert it ourselves by fitting out the interior to meet our specific storage and transportation needs.

2 – Community based advice centre.

Over the last few years it has become apparent that despite the many neutering schemes around there is still an ever increasing number of litters of kittens around which are now being sold for profit.  In line with this there are a number of impulse buys and in general a lack of basic knowledge in how to care for cats.

As a result we currently utilise tools such as our website, phone lines, Facebook, Twitter and our blog to help educate the public that cats are far more complex emotional animals that require thought and consideration and provide advice on basics such as feeding, grooming and reasons behind certain behaviours.

In light of this we would like to be able to start a fund to enable us to establish a community resource for our geographical area that will serve 2 purposes.

Firstly it will enable us to have the public ‘drop in’ for advice about non veterinary matters in a more relaxed, friendly environment.  We would like to run basic care sessions for new cat owners allowing us to demonstrate basic grooming and feeding and provide information on mental and physical stimulation and how to create a healthy relationship between owner, children and their cat, as well as offering low cost microchipping and neutering advice.

Secondly, in line with the above we would like to help fundSunny Harbour Cat Rescue by providing a much needed pet shop for the area, specifically cat orientated for the Fife andEdinburgh areas.   There is a huge lack of good pet stores with good ranges of toys and equipment for cats in particular and we feel we could fill a retail void and also helpSunny Harbour Cat Rescue become more independent financially and provide future stability by having a dedicated income stream with all profits from the shop donated to the rescue itself.
3 – Development & publishing of educational material for cat owners.

It is our goal to produce a range of leaflets and we hope, one day, a practical written guide for new cat owners on how to care and stimulate their cat(s).

Our aim is to produce a range of short leaflets that can be distributed via veterinary surgeries and rescue centres to help educate the public on key aspects of cat care such as feeding, play, grooming and how to maintain physical and psychological stimulus to help prevent negative behaviours through stress and boredom.

In line with this we would also produce a much more comprehensive book which covered items in depth which are touched upon in the leaflets but also providing real life examples, possible behaviours, how pets deal with grief.  We would also look to include ‘how to’ guides on a range of topics such as building scratching frames, puzzle feeders and home made toys.  Proceeds of the book would go directly toSunnyHarbour to help fund our rescue work.

Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue are a forward thinking rescue organisation and in line with our core principles of rescue and education we hope to build on our current services to enhance the support we can provide to new and existing cat owners.

We can however only achieve these things through securing our future with more independent funding and it is our hope that you will consider voting forSunny Harbour Cat Rescue to enable us to begin paving the way to secure our future and that of the hundreds of cats and kittens that will rely on us.

So please, consider taking just a few moments to vote for SunnyHarbourin this months vote

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