Sometimes Nature Fails – Ali’s Tale – kitten at the brink of death saved by Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue, Fife

Sadly there are times when nature takes its course and doesn’t quite manage to complete the cycle of life.  What am I referring to?  Little Ali and his mum.

Little Ali was born on Sunday night with 3 siblings. Mum cat who has had a few litters before had got the hang of things after 3 years in this world.  Typically small for a female cat who began having kittens when she was very young, she delivered her babies well on her own. Cleaning them up and separating them from their sacs and placenta.

This was as far as she could go. For some reason mums milk just didn’t come in.  We don’t know exactly what happened next but we do know that her little body couldn’t feed her 4 babies.

When Sunny Harbour learnt of their arrival nearly 24 hrs had already passed. Paul got to them as quickly as he could but on arrival found 3 kittens were already dead and the sole surviving kitten was barely alive.

Ali on arrival at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Ali on arrival at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue


No time to stop and think and an hour away from the rescue Paul got in the car and headed straight back. This sole surviving kitten was exceptionally weak and freezing cold as well as starving.  In a bid to warm the baby kitten and stop him from dying of hypothermia Paul placed him next to his skin and got back to Sunny Harbour as quickly as possible where I was waiting with emergency supplies.

It was touch and go. Yet despite all the odds against this wee guy he was full of spirit and a will to live.  We desperately got fluids into him and warmed him up.  He was such a little fighter and so we called him Ali.

The first few days were the hardest and part of us was almost expecting to lose him. Ali had different plans and kept fighting on and thankfully at 5 days old and despite everything he remains fighting and full of spirit.

It is so sad when nature cannot cope with the strain on their little bodies and these precious, innocent little souls have to lose their lives.

Better still would be for cats like Ali’s mum not to have to bear the strain of multiple litters and her tiny body fail.

If ever there was a reason or case to have your cat neutered then Ali is it.

We just hope and pray he will survive and for as long as he keeps soldiering on we will continue to help him fight…

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One Response to Sometimes Nature Fails – Ali’s Tale – kitten at the brink of death saved by Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue, Fife

  1. Maureen says:

    Gid bless all the workers at every rescue centre, you all do amazing work. These poor defenceless animals don’t ask for much, love, food and warmth. They give unconditional love. I hopebaby Ali goes from strength to strength. Keep up your amazing work xx

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