How much attention do we really pay to our cats diet?

Anyone who has adopted a cat from Sunny Harbour or spoken to us about food for cats will know that we are strong advocates of the most nutritious options available whether that be wet or dry foods.

We firmly believe in giving cats the best nutrition possible for the budget you have available.

But what is good nutrition really? After all supermarket brands state they are complete foods as well as cheap in price, so surely more expensive foods are a rip off…. not necessarily so.

If u were shopping for yourself at the supermarket you would generally check the ingredients, or you would take the fresh apples, not the bruised & battered brown ones. Then why do SO few people look at the ingredients that constitute your cats food?

If we look at this in the most basic form cats are carnivorous animals; meat eaters. So why do so many pet food manufacturers put cereals as the main ingredient in their pet foods? The answer is because it is a cheaper source of protein. The fact that it is harder for your cat to digest and can lead to issues such as IBS in cats seems irrelevant to manufacturers of these cat foods.

One of the reasons that I have decided to discuss this topic is recently discovering that one of our recently adopted cats has developed just such an intolerability to Cereals and grains causing IBS.

Unfortunately we didn’t pick up on this prior and so their home fell through. But I do wonder had we not known our cats so well and worked through a period of elimination would we have reached the actual conclusion…. food??


The reality is probably not as there seems to be a train of thought that feeding isn’t linked to health issues. In our opinion, yes it can well be and only through looking at the quality of ingredients in your pets food can you be really sure that they are obtaining the best from the food they eat.

Your cat will eat what you put in front of it. Your cat relies on you to make the informed choices about their feeding and to change it as their needs change.

So what should you be looking for?

Ideally you are looking for foods that state human grade or certainly good quality meat as the main ingredient. You are looking for no cereals such as wheat in the food and by getting used to reading pet food ingredient labels you will notice the stark differences in the pet foods available.

Don’t be fooled by price either. While I won’t lie there are good quality dry foods put there that are a little pricey but when broken down into daily feeding quantities will generally work out cheaper on a per day basis than cheaper foods as u feed less of it per meal.

There are however higher priced food available in pet shops and even vets which are exceptionally poor quality. So don’t just go by labels that say ‘veterinary’ or ‘prescription’ or have fancy packaging. Actually look at the ingredients and if you are taking these foods on vet recommendation why not ask for alternatives with better quality ingredients?

You have to make the choice of what to feed your cat and thinking of it as taking care of their health. With better nutrition your cat will thank you for a healthier lifestyle.

As for the kitty we have with food intolerance she is still going through food trials while we find the best possible food options for her so that she can go on to find a loving new home.

If you have queries regarding feeding please do contact us we are only too happy to discuss the options out there.

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One Response to How much attention do we really pay to our cats diet?

  1. Have you looked at vet Ian Billinghursts website on the BARF diet for cats and dogs. He has a few books out that are excellent on how to approach a diet suitable for them, there are suppliers of the raw food diet in convenient frozen blocks a good starting place is Anglian Meats to find a local supplier. Vet Nick Thompson also recommends the BARF diet and has a website for further info.

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