Volunteer in Fife – Opportunities

Like me and many tens of thousands of others come New years day many a resolution for change will have been made, but will we stick to it?

Every year I plan to be more organised & keep on top of filing & paperwork. I start off with good intentions but sadly usually falter after a few weeks.   This year however, more than ever I feel determined to get things back on track & into an orderly fashion.

What about you? What are your goals for 2012 ? January is often the time when people think of doing more for others whether neighbours, friends or organisations or charities.  A small yet significant change you can make is to volunteer for a local charity.

There are thousands of small charities throughout the UK and I would encourage you to visit small, local, grass root charities and offer your time or skills to help, where it is needed most.

Often these small charities like Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue are run on a volunteer basis only. They lack the large corporate size budgets to employ personnel and instead have to rely on utilising what skills they can from their small teams of unpaid volunteers.

Whether you can spare an hour or 2 a week or a couple of days please consider helping out either hands on, collecting donations in your spare time or helping with administration, fundraising or just cuddling a few cats. Every little bit helps and often far more than you realise.

So, if you are considering change in 2012 why not consider volunteering? Sunny Harbour are always looking for Volunteers to join the ranks. More information about our volunteer opportunities can be found on our website at http://www.sunnyharbour.org.uk/vol.html

Happy New Year!!

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