An update on Alfie; life after neglect

Do you remember Alfie?

He came to Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue 10 days ago as his owner could no longer care for him or his companion as they were relocating and unable to take the cats with them.  As with all relinquished Persian cats we were fully expecting some remedial work to his coat. We didn’t however expect what we found, least of all on a 1 year old cat!    This is what we found….

A picture of Alfie on arrival

This wasour little Alfie when he arrived at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

Alfie saw our vet first thing Monday and he was immediately booked in to be shaved from head to toe, face cleaned, eye checked and treated and we hoped he would feel a little better when he got home.  After a shaky first 24 hrs post shave he has done brilliantly.

He is visibly happier, can finally open his eyes & scratch his ears. He can even reach to clean himself. Basic every day tasks he was unable to do before due to the severity of his matts.

Alfie on his return from his visit to the vet.

His skin is healing and the visible red sores have all but gone. His bubbly happy personality is just shining through.

Best of all we have introduced Alfie to toys such as the feather tickler and Da Bird. To say he loves them is an understatement.  Just take a look for yourself.

Currently volunteers are divided as to whether there is a stark resemblence to a Gremlin or an ewok character but either way everyone has become very very fond of Alfie and his companion Lily.

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