Can you help us keep Alfie warm??

Some of you may know of Alfie who came to us this weekend and may have been following his case on Facebook. He was covered head to toe in matts, in fact he is probably the worst condition we have ever had an owner relinquishment case arrive in.

After a trip to the vet today Alfie has had to be shaved bald so that his coat can re grow as there was no way on earth we could de Matt his coat by grooming alone.

Picture of Alfie

Alfie on his return from our vets looking skinny, cold but free from his painful matts.

So in light of this we will have to make Alfie warm & cosy by giving him extra layers as we come into these very cold months. We are off to dig out baby clothes but if anyone has any items they think would help keep him warm and would like to send them to him then you can send them to;

C/o sunny harbour cat rescue
70 bank street

on behalf of Alfie…. Thank you very purry much


Alfie peeking out of his cat box

Alfie being brave and standing on his back legs to peek out the window from his cat box before falling back in again on his wobby legs.

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3 Responses to Can you help us keep Alfie warm??

  1. sue peters says:

    ach the poor wee man some people really need a reality check when it comes to pets – well done he now has you and I have a heat pad that I can send if required that you heat up in a microwave
    and put under some blankets to keep him warm, although probably layers on top would be better, come on alfie you will get through this with a lot of help from your friends at sunny harbour
    sending good thoughts and lots of xxxx

    • Hi Sue, that would be really kind of you. We have 3 heat pads at the moment but with so many little ones we are swapping them round and robbing peter to give to paul so if you would like Alfie to have one of his own I’m sure he would be very grateful ((( hug))

  2. sue says:

    No problem I dig it out this evening and post tomorrow hopefully – hope the wee man has
    had a good night and noticed his attire this morning really cute.

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