Cat Rescue – heart break, sorrow and joy

People often ask us how we manage to continue in rescue when we see so many horrible cases of neglect and abuse not to mention the hundreds of cats simply thrown out through no fault of their own. They are simply an inconvenient object thrown away like rubbish.

Found lying at the side of the road emaciated and in awful condition. He never stood a chance

We aren’t hardened to what we see. Far from it. Each poor soul who has endured horrors arrives at the Harbour and is given as much TLC as we can muster and whilst we trudge on & work to improve their quality of life and health our hearts break. We get tears in our eyes, lumps in our throat and often feel anger and physically sick at the thought to make these poor cats better we must first cause them to endure more discomfort whilst we work to clean and treat wounds, remove matts and get them on the road to recovery.

Why do we do it when it upsets us so? Because we feel we can and do make a difference to each little soul that finds its way to the Harbour for however long they may have. Whether that is days or weeks in our care before they pass to rainbow bridge or for years as they move onto new loving homes.

We offer hope and a future where it may otherwise seem bleak. The end result of a happy, healthy and confident cat moving onto their new home is what makes it worthwhile. To see them settle and trust again is overwhelming and as much as we have a tear in our eye and a lump in our throat, this time it is of joy to see them moving on but also a tinge of sadness as we miss each and every one of our feline charges.

This is why we do rescue and the day we stop feeling this way will be the time when we consider whether we should end our days in rescue.   Because for us that is what makes a difference to our cats and kittens; the love and compassion we give to each and every one nurturing each troubled soul into a loving companion.

For those whose stay is short lived at Sunny Harbour before they make their way to the bridge. They do not pass from this world without leaving their mark. They leave with a little piece of our heart each time and are forever remembered because all Harbour Babies are special.  Whilst these furry souls may have walked the streets, living outside and having not known love for a long time. They are sent on from this world knowing unconditional love, compassion, joy and most importantly that not all humans are ignorant and uncaring…

Colby just before he died after just 10 short days with us at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue

This isn’t a job, we don’t receive any payment, yet we have given over our home, our lives and our hearts to try and make a difference. My message for those blind few who believe that without breeding their cats we would be without a job and an income:… We long for the day there is no need for rescue centres like Sunny Harbour so please please neuter your pets and stop cruelty and let the hundreds of volunteers like us spend the quality time with our families, not clearing up behind your arrogance.

Sadly I don’t think that day will ever come.

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4 Responses to Cat Rescue – heart break, sorrow and joy

  1. opuscat says:

    I’ve seen first-hand the dedication, love and sheer unstinting hard work that goes on in Sunny Harbour. It’s a crying shame that rescues need to exist at all, but as long as some people fail to realise that every life is a precious thing to treasure, rescues will need to carry on. Hard work and heartbreak, but so often the end result will be a happy, confident cat who blossoms in Harbour care and then finds their real forever home. You do truly amazing work, Sunny Harbour, and I’m in awe of what you do.

  2. Leona Thomas says:

    I can absolutely endorse the above comment and only reiterate that the fabulous work undertaken by Sunny Harbour is immeasurable in terms of dedication, time, effort and love. And all on an extremely tight budget and input of a few dedicated volunteers. My admiration is beyond words…………

  3. Kymmy McNiven says:

    Bless each and every one of you for all the wonderful things you do for these poor unfortunate furkids, neglected because of mans ignorance 😦
    We had 3 beautiful furkids, all rescued from bad situations.we sadly lost our beloved Luna to a road accident in November but will never forget the short time we shared with her. Cats are for life and I couldnt think of better companions xxx

  4. Teresa says:

    I also endorse the above comments as I am one of the volunteers that goes weekly to help at Sunny Harbour, so know the hard work that goes on there daily 24/7, come rain or shine. I have always had rescue cats, and met sarah and Paul through CATS in cupar when volunteering there, and that was one of the best days of my life. They are friends for life. x

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