Elastic walls…. and pipe dreams for the future

Today alone we have had to agree to take in 15 cats & kittens this weekend. This takes numbers at the harbour to far beyond our comfortable limit once again. With an increase in rehoming of late we opened up intake again to emergency cases only… and in 1 day have 15 very high priority cases and will now have to close to admissions again for a week or so until numbers ease slightly again.

It is at times like these we so wish that we could find a way of securing much needed serious funding to extend the capabilities of Sunny Harbour so that we could help more individual cases whilst pushing forward with community and education projects through the acquisition of land and property to enable us to build a purpose built facility.

The reality is however that without help to do so we will have to continue to do the best we can with the small, very limited resources we have just now as frustrating as that is.

Sadly this means we do have to prioritize the cases we can help to the most vulnerable and in danger or requiring medical help.
So this weekend, it would appear that with 2 free pens we have to juggle placements and put collapsable transit pens into use yet again in large numbers to accommodate them all before they die or come to harm.

Unfortunately this will mean a little less room for everyone and it is at times like these that Paul & I sit and wish we could be lucky enough to win the lottery and begin to move our detailed plans forward for Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue.

We keep buying those tickets but as yet we have had no luck at all.

So alas we will have to continue to function on our tiny budget and with the help & support of our amazing band of volunteers and hope that we can continue to make a difference in any small way we can to the cats & kittens of central Scotland.

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