Changing times – keeping your cat safe

We remember when we were kids people let their cats out all night & they came in to sleep in the day. People still believed in buttering cats paws when you moved house and they would find their way home and the worst you heard was a pet had been run over by a car.

Today… we beg people to never let their cat out at night, bring the cat indoors when you leave the house. Hear daily if not hourly stories of animal abuse, torture and mutilation. People dumping pets in bins, shooting pets with air rifles & crossbows and more recently hunting cats at night with dogs and throwing them in bins together and so the list goes on.  These aren’t scare stories nor are they stories from other countries. These are happening on your doorstep today.

The number of pets missing is rising. They go missing in dozens street by street. Some end up sold for money, some are never heard from again and unfortunately some are found, or remains thereof, at the aftermath of dog fights. A few are lucky enough to find their way back home.  Every year from October we see a sharp increase in small pets going missing especially when its dark or while owners are out.

So, with all this going on how do you keep your cat safe?

Our recommendation is where possible and proving your cat has a suitable temperament you keep them mainly or fully indoors and provide a happy, loving and more importantly a physically and mentally stimulating environment for them.  The view of an indoor cat is an unhappy cat is out of date and simply untrue and we have several indoor only cats at Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue who are more than happy to put this myth to bed as well as dozens of indoor only cats in adoptive homes who live happy, enriched lives. Equally if I’m honest I also think that these owners share a far closer bond with their cats and reap as much enjoyment from finding new ways to challenge and stimulate their cats.

Click here to view ideas on how you can keep your indoor cat happy through stimulating natural feeding from Indy Cat who is a very happy, stimulated and content ex street cat who now lives purely indoors.

If you must let them outdoors then always bring them inside & lock the cat flap, if you have one, when you leave the house or as soon as it gets dark outside.

Cats are far more adaptable than people give them credit for and providing you give stimulating alternatives indoors they adapt and settle into a new routine well.

To provide a safe outdoor space you can also consider a cat run or cat roofing your garden with special netting / fencing.  These options don’t stop people breaking in so always bring your cats in when it gets dark.

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  1. says:

    Its really embarrassing that people just for their entertainment keep cat as a pet but most of them never do care for their pets,even they let them go anywhere.If anyone wants to keep a pet especially a cat then they should keep the points mentioned above in mind first,such as create a indoor environment for them, proper fencing etc.

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