Not all cat rescues are the same…

There is always talk that all ‘rescue’s are the same. Well, no we’re not.

There are good, bad and indifferent rescues but the same can be said for every walk of life.  For most of us who run and spend each day at the slog of a small cat rescue charity like Sunny Harbour we have grown the charity from nothing but hard work and determination. In order to do that you really do have to be dedicated and if honest just a little bit crazy too… it always helps.

Some cat rescues concentrate on feral work, cats that are born and live in the wild. Some deal with purely pedigree breeds and others like us try to help as many as we possibly can though our own personal focus is on stray and abandoned cats and those in poor condition and in need of veterinary care and physical and often emotional / psychological rehabilitiation.  Not to mention our specialised care of orphan kittens… which in relation to the tiny amount of manpower and space we have.. myself, Paul and our small but wonderful band of part time volunteers is no mean feat in itself.

We all have different processes for intakes and adoptions, differing views on who and where we will adopt to and how best to care for you kitty.  The one thing I like to think we have in common is our passion to help each needy cat as much as possible and in the best way possible.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen and its such a shame.

We are often asked “How do I go about adopting?”  All I can tell people is how ‘we’ do it as every rescue has a slightly different process.

We do believe that we offer people as open a process as we can. To gather all relevant information about a person, family, home, location and their lifestyle not to mention their experience with cats that allow us to build a profile and match this against the cats or kittens in our care so that we can guide you to the best possible match and we hope a very long and happy life together for both adoptee’s and the cat(s).

I like to think we achieve this and in conjunction with the level of care we offer our Harbour Babies well… I don’t think we are the same as everyone else…we strive not to be… and well…. I’m proud we’re not all the same. I’m proud of Sunny Harbour and what we have achieved and continue to do so every day.

Picture of the core Harbour Babies Committee Meeting

We Are the Kitteh Committee


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One Response to Not all cat rescues are the same…

  1. WeeFee says:

    Yes, you are definitely a ‘niche’ service, more like a cat adoption agency who cares for the abused/sick/abandoned kitties, helps them recover and become their own cat selves, then homes them with pawfect parents… Too often people buy or adopt kitties based on ‘look’ alone, forgetting that – kittens grow up and change, adults may not be happy in a vastly different home setting. We can but educate potential cat owners one at a time. I even did my bit in the PetShopThatIsExpensive and helped new kitten owners pick out their starter food for a kitten they had bought in Fife and were on their way to pick up. I can only hope I have saved you from rescuing an unhappy ill-fed kitten…. Keep going guys, you are doing such an amazing job!

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